Speciality Software and Equipment Lease Financing

As a direct sales representative of BSB Leasing we offer Equipment Lease Financing for Hardware, Software, and any Equipment used in the normal course of business to small to medium sized firms.When small businesses need equipment or software quickly and either don't have the cash or would prefer to save their cash, we provide a quick and easy solution.

25 years of National Equipment Lease Financing and Someone you can talk to. 
The expertise and bargaining power typically found only in large faceless corporations, the type of power that results in the best deals from the financial perspective,and the relationship and personal manner you would expect from the corner pharmacy.

Direct sales representative of BSB Leasing:
"We provide full-service equipment financing for small businesses, independent brokers and vendors. Serving many industries and funding all types of equipment in every state – BSB is a direct funding source. Our in-house funding solutions allow us to provide risk-adjusted financing for our customers. Featuring a team with expertise and integrity, technology and transparency.
  • Credit application only to as high as $150,000
  • 100% Software Financing
  • Titled vehicles
  • Working Capital
  • Under 2 year businesses
  • "B" and "C" Credits
  • Pre-Funding
  • Deals that the giants won't do get done here every week

Some say . . .

"After paying cash the last couple of years, during recent expansion we decided to lease purchase again."

"We called Sexton again. The people at Sexton are comfortable to deal with and respond in a timely manner. They make the process fun. I trust that the quoted rates will show up in the documents."

"Working with Sexton Company was a great experience on multiple occasions. John and his staff were easy to get in touch with and the leasing proccess was seamless. I've worked with many leasing companies for many different projects with many different clients and Sexton really set themselves apart from the rest. I hope to continue working with John and his team in the future. Thanks, John, your efforts do not go un-noticed.” April 23, 2009

"I've most appreciated that they handle things. I pick up the phone, I tell them what I need, I send them the details, and it gets handled... they are people we are comfortable calling and dealing with."

"John Sexton and his staff maintained our relationship in the personal manner one might expect from the corner pharmacy; people who want to know you!"
Five Tips (excerpts of published advice from Sexton):
    1. Understand the terms. What buyout did you agree to?
    2. Get copies of your documents now.
    3. Did sales tax get quoted or will it be "surprise" added later?
    4. Has the leasing company been around? Do they collect fees and then not approve or fund deals.
    5. Read the find print now, not later.